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Why don’t I have access after the charges were made to my card? What do I do if my charges were denied? How does the charge show?

If the charge doesn’t clear, then we don’t take the money.   Attempts may show as pending on your card or bank website but will cancel depending upon when your bank acknowledges.  We have no control on charges denied by your bank and your must resolve with them.  Our charge shows up as LAYLABBW. If you are having difficulties paying, do not keep trying.  Be sure to check your spam folder for the verification email if you didn't get it.


What exactly do I get for the monthly membership fee?

Full access to every photo and video on laylabbw.com including daily updates with new content.  


How do I cancel my recurring account? How do I delete my account?


You must cancel at least 72hrs before the scheduled charge.  Canceling your account does not delete it, so you may reactivate at any time.  If you wish to delete your account, then you must first cancel the recurring bill.  


How do I contact Layla?  Can I submit a custom request?

To protect her privacy, all contact with must be through the site.  You can message, send a tip or custom request at an additional cost.